FelSword 2.4.3 is ONLINE!

FelSword is a progressive PvPvE World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade private server with max Level of 255, Custom Leveling Zones, Instances, Dungeons, Items, Bosses, Quests and many more is awaiting to be explored by YOU!
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News & Announcements
Upcoming Event!!
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World Boss: Igor - The Fallen One

*Event Bags (28 slots/ 125 stats) - Strength, Stamina, Intellect, Haste, Dodge, Agility and Spell Power)
*Raven Lord/ Swift Spectral Tiger/ Thunderfury
*Event coins

Drop Chances:
*Bags - 15%
*Raven Lord/ Swift Spectral Tiger - 5%
*Thunderfury - 10%
*Tabards - 15%
Raven Lord, Swift Spectral Tiger and Thunderfury have Party Loot condition and can be looted by anyone!

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Restored VP and DP!
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We restored all the VP and DP from our previous website.
Soon we will add items to the store and the voting panel!

Double XP Bonus!
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From now until 18 July you'll get double XP bonus!

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Have Fun!