Changes made on 2021/09/10
Bug Fixes & Features
 - More fixes to Spirit of Redemption
 - Fix to Arcane Power and Dispel, where you can dispel a friendly target.
 - Fixed multiboxing in BGs
 - Fixed the movement bug after crowd control effects like mage's Polymorph & Dragon's Breath
 - Fear added to the rest of the World bosses since you keep bugging bosses behind objects
 - Fix 'Slice and Dice' in stealth
 - Give x1 mark for both teams if the battleground ends prematurely, no matter the points.
 - Reduce the Battleground's end timer from 5 minutes to 3 minutes.
 -Torment of Worgen - Removed.
 - Mystical Skyfire Diamond recipe was added in ARCANE PROTECTOR's drop
 - Now players that are in group and enters BG will be separated if the Crossfaction is enabled.
 - Remove inactive mark after entering Ironforge/Orgrimmar in order not to affect the invasions.
 - Free Action Potion recipe was added in Kor'geld (Horde's alchemy NPC)
 - More fixes were added in order to fix the stuck-movement problem.
 - Implement Bonux XP/Honor System with the possibility to apply only for the two factions (Alliance/Horde) or both.
 - Fixed creature's range cast in order to fix the rarest cases when a bosses casts more than 10 spells in a row.
 - Sapphiron in Naxxramas was fixed!
 - Ayva's loot was fixed. Druid's Elite World Boots now drops, instead of Legendary.
 - Rogue's World Items were fixed.
 - Event Mall was created!
Changes made on 2021/08/27
Bug Fixes & Features
 - Deadly Medallion of the Acolyte chance drop was increased to 35%
 - Dragotha & Belthazor Frost Rune loot added
 - Dark Shell added to Etera
 - Whirlwind added to Ayva
 - Ego's Shield of the Blue was replaced with Sonic Shock in order to fix his insta-kill bug
 - Added Fear to Nathalian and Calitera
 - Fixed Etera's Test Spell cast
 - Season 5 Fists has been created & added
 - Tabards Armor fixed
 - Fixed stealth and interaction with NPCs
 - Fixed Spirit Healer
 - Fixed the bug where you get stuck if uncast flying mount
 - Fixed line of sight, now bosses can cast spells behind objects
 - Season 5 Off-Hand Dagger has been created and added into the loot
 - Tabards stats increased to 60
 - Mark of the Dawn Unique was changed to 3
 - Heavy Leather Ball was added to the moo vendor
 - Molten Core Bag was made and added to every boss in Molten Core Drop Chance 75%
 - Season 5 Warlock Spellblade description was changed
 - Ruthless FelSword Cloak of Subtlety a.k.a Season 7 Rogue Cloak skin was changed
 - Slayer of the Dragons Trinket Skin was changed
Changes made on 2021/08/14
Bug Fixes & Features
 - New vendors for the starter items
 - Noob Band/Trinket/Necklace and Cloak added for casters
Changes made on 2021/08/12
Bug Fixes & Features
 - Tabards & Mounts from Deathknight Daniel now cost FelSword Tokens, instead event coins.
 - FelSword Token added, you can buy it with Frost Runes from Deathknight Daniel
 - You can upgrade to Legendary World Piece for x1 Elite Piece + 40 AB and 20k Honor
 - New Teleport Point to the World Bosses location
Changes made on 2021/08/05
Bug Fixes & Features
 - The webstore is fully fixed and now send the items
 - Don't remove morphs after shapeshift (Druid, Ghost Wolf, Stealth etc.)
 Improved the anti cheat system for fly hacking, swim hacking and speed hacking mostly (teleport improvements coming soon)
 Original loot added to the Archimonde
 - The commands were arranged alphabetically. The sub-commands have also been added, and the syntax is now visible.
 Disabled multiboxing in Battlegrounds and Arenas.
 - Players can now close their tickets on Discord by typing "!close" in to their ticket channel.
 - S6 quests are repeatable
 - Fixed menus for the pet trainers
 "Inactive" status for casters has been fixed.
 Disabled all donor custom items in the Battlegrounds and Arenas. (Excl. S7). PS: You can switch your bags easily, even if they are full, through the banker in Ironforge/Orgrimmar
 ".learn all_mytalent" added for VIPs
 The web store has been updated!
 Reward System Introduced!
Changes made on 2021/07/24
Bug Fixes & Features
 New Noob Items was made - Noob Helm , Noob Shoulders , Noob Waist , Noob Wrist
Changes made on 2021/07/22
Bug Fixes & Features
 Ironforge Guard/Orgrimmar Grunt Armor increased
 BT fixed SWP fixed Caverans Of Time
 Mounts Price Changed 60% - 20 000 100% - 40 000
 Fix to Noggenfogger Elixir and player model scale
Changes made on 2021/07/20
Bug Fixes & Features
 The "Reputation Rate" has been adjusted
 The "XP Rate" has been adjusted
 Fixed the [Noggenfogger Elixir] and player model scale after ending battleground
 The [FelSword Candy] proc was changed from "Restoring 243 Health over 21 sec" to "Restores 3% of your health and mana per second for 25 sec" with a global cooldown of 2 minutes.
 Season 6 Givers was moved to their original place . Down inside the Gurubashi Arena
 All T7 Bosses was fixed and they gained approx. 1M HP from 4/3.5 to 5M
 Blitzfang gained 1 M HP from 4M to 5M
 Destroyer was renamed to The Destroyer and gain 2 million HP from 3M to 5M
 [Versicolor Treat] was renamed to [FelSword Candy] and it was added to the Moo Vendor
 Fixed the 'Redemption Spirit'
 ".vip id" Added
 Fixed the Shaman's MD trinket. Now the trinket have it's original proc.
 Drop chance increased to 65% for [Formula: Enchant Weapon - Executioner] and [Formula: Enchant Boots - Fortitude]
 Reagents are now taken after enchanting another player
 Fixed the login bypass method
 Fixed the master loot method
 Casting mounts during in Stealth is now possible!
 Battleground's min players was changed to 4. The maximum is 20.
 Azeroth Coin renamed to FelSword Event Coins
 Thaurlach's spells were fixed
 We added 70 Strength instead of 90 Mana on the Slayer Shirt
 We fixed the respawn time of all the monster in the server as follows: - Molten Core & Gruul's Lair Bosses - 4 hours / Guards - 1 hour | - Leveling Mobs - 2 minutes | - World Guards - 1 hour
 We noticed that the guards don't drop Frost Runes as they should. We solved the problem!
 Molten Core's teleport location caused the server to crash. The problem has already been fixed!