Changes made on 2021/07/24
Bug Fixes & Features
 New Noob Items was made - Noob Helm , Noob Shoulders , Noob Waist , Noob Wrist
Changes made on 2021/07/22
Bug Fixes & Features
 Ironforge Guard/Orgrimmar Grunt Armor increased
 BT fixed SWP fixed Caverans Of Time
 Mounts Price Changed 60% - 20 000 100% - 40 000
 Fix to Noggenfogger Elixir and player model scale
Changes made on 2021/07/20
Bug Fixes & Features
 The "Reputation Rate" has been adjusted
 The "XP Rate" has been adjusted
 Fixed the [Noggenfogger Elixir] and player model scale after ending battleground
 The [FelSword Candy] proc was changed from "Restoring 243 Health over 21 sec" to "Restores 3% of your health and mana per second for 25 sec" with a global cooldown of 2 minutes.
 Season 6 Givers was moved to their original place . Down inside the Gurubashi Arena
 All T7 Bosses was fixed and they gained approx. 1M HP from 4/3.5 to 5M
 Blitzfang gained 1 M HP from 4M to 5M
 Destroyer was renamed to The Destroyer and gain 2 million HP from 3M to 5M
 [Versicolor Treat] was renamed to [FelSword Candy] and it was added to the Moo Vendor
 Fixed the 'Redemption Spirit'
 ".vip id" Added
 Fixed the Shaman's MD trinket. Now the trinket have it's original proc.
 Drop chance increased to 65% for [Formula: Enchant Weapon - Executioner] and [Formula: Enchant Boots - Fortitude]
 Reagents are now taken after enchanting another player
 Fixed the login bypass method
 Fixed the master loot method
 Casting mounts during in Stealth is now possible!
 Battleground's min players was changed to 4. The maximum is 20.
 Azeroth Coin renamed to FelSword Event Coins
 Thaurlach's spells were fixed
 We added 70 Strength instead of 90 Mana on the Slayer Shirt
 We fixed the respawn time of all the monster in the server as follows: - Molten Core & Gruul's Lair Bosses - 4 hours / Guards - 1 hour | - Leveling Mobs - 2 minutes | - World Guards - 1 hour
 We noticed that the guards don't drop Frost Runes as they should. We solved the problem!
 Molten Core's teleport location caused the server to crash. The problem has already been fixed!