FelSword 2.4.3 is ONLINE!

FelSword is a progressive PvPvE World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade private server with max Level of 255, Custom Leveling Zones, Instances, Dungeons, Items, Bosses, Quests and many more is awaiting to be explored by YOU!
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News & Announcements
Double XP & Honor Weekend & Christmas Giveaway
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Double XP & Honor Weekend for both factions
Wicked Snowman spawn time: 6h
Remains: 3 hours and 25 minutes
During the event, cross-faction groups are enabled!
The Wicked Snowman will last until December 28!
Join our Christmas Giveaway for x500 Event Reward Coins ♥
Set realmlist play.felsword.com
How-To-Play: https://felsword.com/page/connect
Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/UXmjHHCZ45
It's Christmas Time!
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It's Christmas time! This is the time when our Christmas Event begins ♥

Wicked Snowman was spawned! The Wicked Snowman appears every 12 hours in the Special Events area in the teleport. Kill this monster and you will be rewarded generously, but don't forget to take the daily quest from Dwarf Commoner (alliances) and Winter Reveler (hordes). As a reward you will get x100 [Christmas Token]

All character will get x50 Christmas Tokens, check out your mailbox for the special prize!

[Christmas Resources Bag] was added as a reward in ALL battlegrounds, no matters win or lose! It's Christmas time!
[Christmas Resources Bag] drops: - x5 [Snowball] | x5 [Preserved Holly] | x10 [Christmas Token] at 100% drop rate!

Christmas Weapons have been added in the following vendors: Penney Copperpinch (hordes) and Macey Jinglepocket (alliances)
Each One-Hand Weapon costs: 10k Honor + 300 Christmas Token | Two-Handed Weapons costs: 10k Honor + 600 Christmas Token

During the event, cross-faction groups are enabled!

For more details, read our changelog: https://felsword.com/changelog
Set realmlist play.felsword.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/UXmjHHCZ45

The event will last until December 28!

Total Kills reset & Upcoming Event
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Due to the huge changes and customizations in the PvP system, Total Kills were mixed and/or deleted (for most).

For this reason, we will reset the current Total Kills, as they are incorrect (due to past code errors), on 30.11.2021 at 11:59:59PM EET.

On 01.12.2021 at 12:00AM EET we will launch a special monthly event together with the PvP Ladder on the website, as the first Top 5 Killers will receive one S7 Token.

In the meantime, we will take care to implement Anti-Farm system in World PvP, until the beginning of the event.

Realmlist: Set realmlist >PLAY.FELSWORD.COM
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We have announced all the fixes and changes from November! Please read our changelog: https://felsword.com/changelog

We have also started a Black Weekend promotion till 28.11.2021 11:59:59PM EET: https://felsword.com/donate

A special event called "Play&Win" will take a part from today till 01.12.2021 11:59:59 PM EET.

During this event you have the opportunity to win [Arathi Resource Crate].

Each AB game (no matter win or lose) will give you the following items:
x1 [Arathi Resource Crate]
x1 Arathi Basin Marks
x1 Event Coin
x1 PvP Token

[Arathi Resource Crate] contains the following loot:
Season 5 Set = 5% per item (Total Items: 104)
x1 Season 6 Token = 5%
Tokens for Elite Helm and Legs = 5% per item (Total Items: 26)

Also, there is a 70% chance to get the additional [Arathi Resource Crate] for killing a player in AB.

We remind you that the event is valid only for Arathi Basin, and it does not matter whether you win or lose.