We have announced all the fixes and changes from November! Please read our changelog: https://felsword.com/changelog

We have also started a Black Weekend promotion till 28.11.2021 11:59:59PM EET: https://felsword.com/donate

A special event called "Play&Win" will take a part from today till 01.12.2021 11:59:59 PM EET.

During this event you have the opportunity to win [Arathi Resource Crate].

Each AB game (no matter win or lose) will give you the following items:
x1 [Arathi Resource Crate]
x1 Arathi Basin Marks
x1 Event Coin
x1 PvP Token

[Arathi Resource Crate] contains the following loot:
Season 5 Set = 5% per item (Total Items: 104)
x1 Season 6 Token = 5%
Tokens for Elite Helm and Legs = 5% per item (Total Items: 26)

Also, there is a 70% chance to get the additional [Arathi Resource Crate] for killing a player in AB.

We remind you that the event is valid only for Arathi Basin, and it does not matter whether you win or lose.