It's Christmas time! This is the time when our Christmas Event begins ♥

Wicked Snowman was spawned! The Wicked Snowman appears every 12 hours in the Special Events area in the teleport. Kill this monster and you will be rewarded generously, but don't forget to take the daily quest from Dwarf Commoner (alliances) and Winter Reveler (hordes). As a reward you will get x100 [Christmas Token]

All character will get x50 Christmas Tokens, check out your mailbox for the special prize!

[Christmas Resources Bag] was added as a reward in ALL battlegrounds, no matters win or lose! It's Christmas time!
[Christmas Resources Bag] drops: - x5 [Snowball] | x5 [Preserved Holly] | x10 [Christmas Token] at 100% drop rate!

Christmas Weapons have been added in the following vendors: Penney Copperpinch (hordes) and Macey Jinglepocket (alliances)
Each One-Hand Weapon costs: 10k Honor + 300 Christmas Token | Two-Handed Weapons costs: 10k Honor + 600 Christmas Token

During the event, cross-faction groups are enabled!

For more details, read our changelog:
Set realmlist

The event will last until December 28!