The server team and I decided that Azeroth would become an independent project that would not be connected in any way to the currently available realms.

In the last few weeks, our team has been working hard on the first core of Azeroth, which is a combination of three separate cores (MaNGOS, Oregon and TrinityOne) - combining them together we managed to achieve our own core - AzerothCore, which was later renamed to our upcoming project - FelSwordCore.

FelSwordCore is a unique core because it offers a flexible structure, easily accepts custom changes and scripts, stable at high performance as well as smooth gameplay.

In addition to achieving our own core, we were able to fix and implement a lot of bugs & features, such:
- Anti-Cheat (Implemented ✓)
- Anti-Farm (Implemented ✓)
- Improved movements (Implemented ✓)
- Boss Announcer (Implemented ✓)
- Fully-functional Cross-Faction Battleground (Implemented ✓)
- Automatic Event System (TBA)
- Off-Hand 'Chance-on-Hit' Procs (Fixed ✓)
- Pets Overpowered Damage (Fixed ✓)
- Distract does not break Stealth (Fixed ✓)
- Sap does not uncast Stealth from enemy's target (Fixed ✓)

But that's not all! Our team cares a lot about the security of our services, which is why FelSword has two Dedicated Virtual Machines:

Machine 1

A linux-based hosting machine uses Intel's Xeon series of processors, one of the best hosting processors on the market. This machine has 4 GB of RAM, 100 GB of available space, 100 GB of backup space, and a fully licensed cPanel - version 88, to manage the website more easily + a paid license for CloudFlare's Firewall Protection, Multiple IPs and many more... Used for hosting the website and database of the website.

Machine 2

This machine is the main hosting machine for the FelSword server. The machine has a gaming processor from the Intel i7 series (4 cores / 16 threads), including a 32 GB of RAM, over 17 Tbps DDoS Protection, Multiple IPs, 2x 240 GB SSD and... Many more!
PS: The server is still underdevelopment! During the release, the server will be synchronized with the last days of Azeroth, which means that you will lose the whole process in the current beta! This is a mandatory process, as it is possible during the beta to have problems such as - vendors without extended cost a.k.a free items, overpowered/bugged/stucked classes/characters and so on. Please keep that in mind!

Discord: FelSword Discord Server
Facebook Page: FelSword Facebook