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Tickets FAQ

1. Ticket is an in-game help request to Game Master. 
2. It does not disappear after logout or disconnect. 
3. Player can delete his ticket (by clicking 'Abandon My Ticket') when the problem is already solved.
4. Hurrying a GM or any spam in tickets can result in ban. 
5. If your ticket stays open - be patient. GM in this moment may be busy answering to other tickets or simply may not have time or commands that are required to solve your problem. It is also possible that GM has to investigate the case deeply, before the proper measures will be taken.
6. Bugs should be reported on the forum in the BT, not in the in-game ticket.

How to write and send the ticket?

1. In order to send ticket press the question mark in micro menu and then 'Talk to GM' or 'Report an issue'. 
2. Your problem should be described shortly and precisely. 
3. Please keep in consideration the form and style of your notification. Impolite, vulgar and lacking in information tickets can be closed without any response or even results in ban.
4. You can edit your ticket after sending, but do it only if it is needed.
5. Do not send nonsensical and rubbish tickets which only disturbs GM.
6. Before sending a ticket be sure you cannot solve your issue by yourself or by asking other players in game or on our forum.
7. In properly written ticket should be enclosed every information about the problem you can give and - if possible - the circumstances of its occurence.
8. If you received a response from GM, but as it turnes out, it requires further help from GM - do not write ticket like „it didnt help, what now?”. GM that helped you may be already offline. In such case you should describe your problem shortly once again and add information how the previous GM has helped/tried to help you. In that way your problem is going to be solved sooner. 
9. Sometimes GM respond to ticket by mail in game. If your application disappears and you don’t receive any reply, please check your mailbox  first instead of writing a new ticket.

Correct and incorrect tickets, examples:

+ 'Im stucked in textures, teleport from website didnt work'
+ 'I’ve got problem with quest ‘tome of divinity’ for human paladin, i cant ressurect the npc, what should i do?'
+ 'The chest from Raenes Cleansing quest is empty, can you help?'
+ 'Shipment of Iron, that is required to complete Battle of Hillsbrad doesnt respawn for over half an hour. I’ve asked another players and they’ve got this problem too, could sth be done with this?
+ 'Player [nick] is avoiding fight on bg'

- 'Dude, wtf is with my char?'
- 'Thats not fair that everybody spam abt lfg on world and ONLY i got mutted'
- 'Quest bugged, plz help' 
- 'Player [nick] uses vulgar words, i’ve got screen' – with this you should visit forum (complaints section)
- 'Please give me skill 35395, it’s necessary for 19lvl paladin twink” – here additionaly we’ve got a fraud attempt, which would end up in 1 week ban.
- 'Is any GM online?', 'gm whisper me' – write exactely what happened and what you expect from GM, such tickets only makes our work more difficult and are usually ignored.